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Our label designs has the ability to capture the essence of each wine.

At Veritas we offer a range of services to meet the unique needs of each client. We understand that every wine and brand is different, and we work closely with our clients to create designs that capture their vision and tell their story.


Jovana Mandić

Owner / Creative Director Veritas

Jovana Mandić is a master architect and entrepreneur who has developed her own wine label design studio. With a passion for finding beauty in everything, Jovana has combined her love for architecture and design with her interest in wine to create a unique and successful business.


Born and raised in Serbia, Jovana showed a natural talent for creativity at a young age. She pursued her passion for design by studying architecture at the University of Belgrade, where she earned her master's degree. After graduation, Jovana worked as an architect for several years, gaining valuable experience in design, project management, and client relationships.


Jovana is known for her creativity, attention to details, and commitment to delivering exceptional results for her clients. She is constantly pushing the boundaries of wine label design and finding new ways to innovate and inspire. Her passion for beauty and creativity is evident in every project she undertakes, and her clients appreciate her ability to bring their visions to life.

How we can work together?

1-1 collaboration according to your needs. Wine label design, redesign or any other design work in the area of wine industry.

Pre-made Artistic Wine Label Collections. I am currently developing the MVP of this business idea. The first collection will be released at the end of May. You can always purchase any available designs, which will be sold only once to one client and then removed from my offerings.

Personalized consultation: I offer tailored advice and recommendations to address any challenges you may be facing regarding your wine identity.

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