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Vino con Estilo

The design concept for the wine label "Vino Con Estilo" began with a deep understanding of Piinwine's vision and the characteristics of their Pinot Noir. As a graphic designer, I wanted to create a label that not only reflected the elegance of the wine but also showcased its origin in Chile. 


Wine label design






The centerpiece of the design is the illustration featuring a penguin delicately holding a wine glass. The penguin's presence symbolizes the wine's connection to its origin. The illustration was meticulously crafted to depict the penguin with realism, showcasing its grace and elegance.


To accentuate the wine's name and establish a visual hierarchy, the brand name is positioned centrally on the label. It serves as the focal point, instantly capturing attention and emphasizing the prominence of the brand. The use of gold foil to accent the brand name adds a luxurious touch, evoking a sense of premium quality and elegance.

Like a vineyard's terroir, a well-crafted label reveals the essence of the wine, enticing the curious to uncork a world of flavors and memories.


The design for "Vino Con Estilo" wine label is a harmonious fusion of elegance, Chilean symbolism, and luxurious accents. It successfully represents Piinwine's exceptional Pinot Noir from Chile, captivating the viewer's attention with its sophisticated illustration of a penguin holding a wine glass. With its central positioning, gold foil accents, and refined typography, this label design truly embodies the style and essence of Piinwine's remarkable Pinot Noir.

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