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The Mystery of Winelabelgoddess: Uncovering the Person Behind the Brand

I'm Jovana Mandić, the creative force behind Veritas, studio for wine label design.

I'm beyond excited to share the enchanting tale of @winelabelgoddess with you all.

Ever sipped a heavenly elixir and wondered about the genius behind it's luxurious label? Well, that storyteller is me, with a decade of weaving magic into wine labels.

In 2019 I have created my own company, on a mission to craft extraordinary wine labels that resonate globally. My entrepreneurial sanctuary is where authenticity thrives, and after five years in the shadows, it's time to unveil my design process and mission to the world. Instagram becomes my canvas, where every post spills the ink of my soul.

Eager to connect with vineyards worldwide, I invite you on a collaborative journey. It's time to build my own community! Welcome to the realm of the wine goddess, where labels breathe tales, and each sip is a taste of living your own truth.

Cheers to a world of divine elixirs and boundless creativity!

P.S. A big thanks to my amazing comunity that motivated me for this step!

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