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El Impecable

El Impecable is a premium wine targeted for the Chilean market. The wine label incorporates an artistic illustration in an abstract style, with a red wax capsule. The color palette primarily consists of gold, black, and red, creating an elegant and luxurious feel that reflects the high quality of the wine.


Wine label design






El Impecable wine label design aims to capture the attention of Chilean consumers by combining artistic expression with a luxurious appeal. The abstract illustration, gold-black-red color palette, and red wax capsule create a visually striking and premium look that communicates the wine's quality and exclusivity. The design should evoke a sense of sophistication, elegance, and the rich cultural heritage associated with Chilean wines.


Gold foil printing techniques with embossed elements can significantly enhance the overall look of the wine label, particularly when used in combination with a premium design like El Impecable.


Printing techniques


Wine Accessories

From wine openers and aerators to wine glasses and decanters, we can design a range of wine accessories that enhance the wine-drinking experience. Our designs will combine functionality, aesthetics, and attention to detail, elevating the overall enjoyment of the wine and aligning with your brand image.

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